Why Engagement is more than a warm, fuzzy feeling


Why engagement is more than a warm, fuzzy feeling.

And why you should care.

Have you ever tried asking a stranger for money? Even if it was for a good cause, you probably wouldn’t have had much success. The truth is, very few people (or institutions, for that matter) are willing to open their wallets for someone with whom they don’t already have some sort of positive relationship. But that’s exactly what many nonprofit organizations try to get them to do. Needless to say, they don’t often succeed. Because before you can successfully raise more money, increase volunteer support or improve service and program delivery, you need to focus on engagement.

If you think of engagement as a warm, fuzzy feeling that just sort of happens, you may be in for a surprise.

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Thursday August 20 2:00EDT

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Join IBM nonprofit subject matter expert Alexander Oftelie and former Cornell fundraising data scientist Marianne Pelletier for an eye-opening webinar that will demonstrate how you can both identify and predict fundraising outcomes—and use predictive analytics to help understand and drive the kind of engagement that leads to increased support.


Alex Oftelie

Nonprofit Subject Matter Expert


Meet Alex

Marianne Pelletier

Managing Director

Staupell Analytics Group

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201 Littleton Road, 2nd Floor Morris Plains, NJ 07950


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