100 Days of Hope. #ChooseYourDay


Severe weather this summer? No sweat.Along with popsicles and BBQs come summer thunderstorms, wildfires, heat waves and even the possibility for flooding. You can make sure your family stays safe by taking a few easy precautions to stay prepared for the unexpected. Thanks to you, in July we:  News you can use:#ChooseYourDayWhen we think of summer, we typically think of being outdoors, family vacations, pool parties and fun in the sun. What you might not know is that during this season, blood and platelet donations will slow down, leaving fewer blood products available for those who need them. And someone in the U.S. needs a transfusion every two seconds! We could really use your help.#ChooseYourDay and schedule a lifesaving blood donation appointment today.

Gail McGovern,
American Red Cross



Get safety tips  
Be Red Cross ready this summer  
Meals and Snacks
Emergency Shelters
What to Do If a Wildfire Threatens
Volunteers Are Part of All Red Cross Programs
Young Cancer Survivor & Blood Recipient Pays it Forward
Paradigm Challenge Posters Help Promote Home Fire Safety
Humble Bundle
Red Cross Club

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