Carb Loading and Tea Sipping


Handmade pasta for a handmade trail; news from along the Cross Vt Trail for the middle of summer.

Gatherings and Get Togethers

This Saturday July 18 you are invited to a gourmet dinner benefit.

The North Branch Cafe on State Street in Montpelier is hosting a community night to benefit the Cross Vermont Trail. This Saturday from 5:30 to 8:30.

Enjoy fresh pasta, sauce from alla vita, and all the Cafe’s regular delights. 10% of cost for each meal will be donated to help build more trail!

Call the cafe for details (802) 552-8105 or their facebook page:

Central Vt Cycle Tour (finally) done over.

Pleasant day at the Central Vt Cycling Tour “sun date” last weekend. 35 spontaneous riders enjoyed a beautiful day, good company and perhaps a few modestly sized creemees. See you next year for the return of the big event, June 26, 2016!

Trail Crew Season Under Full Steam

Thanks to a great VYCC crew who helped on the trail June and July!

A Vt Youth Conservation Corps crew just wrapped up three weeks of nicely done work, giving a big start to the CVTA trail crew season.

Local volunteers can join with upcoming crews, August and September.

We’ve got more crews coming up throughout the summer and the fall. Interested folks can drop in for as little as a few hours and make a big difference. (Or you can camp out for a few weeks, too. That’s acceptable.) Learn more at our volunteer information page.


Cross Vermont Trail Association

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