GMUW Promotes 23rd Annual NALC Food Drive

GMUW Promotes 23rd Annual NALC Food Drive


On May 9, 2015, the 23rd Annual National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive for the benefit of local food shelves will take place. This event, which happens across the U.S., is significant in Vermont where over 13% of families are considered food insecure and nearly 20% of our children do not have enough nutritious food to eat on a daily basis.

Last year, nearly 32,000 pounds of food were collected in the Green Mountain United Way five counties and distributed to 20 of our food pantries at a time when their shelves are close to being empty after a hard winter.

GMUW helps to coordinate this very important food drive and we are asking all of you to participate. On the morning of Saturday, May 9th, place your non-perishable food items in a bag at your mailbox and your letter carrier will be happy to pick it up for delivery to the food shelf nearest you. If you do not have a letter carrier, simply bring your donated items to your post office and they will take care of the delivery.

Please DO NOT donate any outdated items as they will just be thrown away as per government regulations. Please also try to give useful items like cereal, peanut butter, canned vegetables and fruit, rice, and beans.

Let’s all take part in the biggest one-day food drive that takes place each year and brings in over 70 million pounds of food across our country. We can all make a difference by helping to Stamp Out Hunger.

For more information about GMUW, please visit

Jim Pinardi Mtplr

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