Say Hello to the New



The new is now live! The site has undergone an incredible redesign that will not only provide a more welcoming aesthetic, but will enrich the user experience, more easily facilitate giving and the identification of volunteer opportunities, provide a smoother journey to find local United Ways, and will bring our U.S. and international markets together – better representing our worldwide enterprise.

Now is an exciting time for United Way. The Bold Plays set the course for the future of our organization. As we look to create more personalized consumer experiences for our donors, volunteers, corporate partners and stakeholders, it’s necessary to rethink the way we connect people to United Way on the web. In order to deliver a world-class individual experience (Bold Play 2), that includes mobile and meets people where they are, the foundation is a mobile-friendly and responsive web presence. The new is not only a refreshed presentation of our brand, it is a stronger vehicle for driving engagement.

This evolution of our online presence could not have come at a better time. Yesterday, Google’s algorithm was updated to favor mobile-friendly sites in their search results. The new keeps pace with the evolving digital landscape.

New features include:

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Smoother and shorter journey to get to local United Ways
  • Three places on homepage for global and U.S.
  • New, more user-friendly interface
  • Donate directly to local United Ways from a single donation page; no more need to search – including outside the U.S.
  • Vibrant new stories section brings your local United Way impact stories to life
  • Translation option in 90+ languages through an integrated Google Translate feature
  • Reinvented partners section highlights a featured group of global and national United Way partners to underscore our work across sectors
  • Powerful Volunteer Center helps individuals find local volunteer opportunities in the U.S. by automatically identifying a user’s service area to return personalized results
  • And much more….

Visit the new and see all it has to offer – and don’t forget to check it out from a mobile device. Encourage your team to check it out, as well.

This redesign creates a framework for telling United Way’s story in a more impactful way. We’re looking forward to working with you to lift up your great work and tell the most compelling story possible.

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